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Q. Do you ship to a P.O. Box address?

A. No. 

Q. APO or FPO?

A. Sorry we also do not ship to APO or FPO boxes. 

Q. I would like for KimberlyA...Fit For The Queen to carry a certain item(s). Who should I get in touch with?
A. Please email us at We are always ecstatic about your new ideas! 

Q. I have other concerns/matters.
A. Our customer service hours are M-F 10am to 4pm. (EST)(Send an inquiry if the line is busy or if it is after 3pm) 

Q. I ordered before 12pm, does that mean I get my package that day?
A. No it does not mean that you will receive the package that day, USPS will receive it that day, and it will be shipped from us that day. 

Q. I wanted to know if you guys will have these items in stock.

A. We are working very hard to replenish them. Please check back from time to time to see if we have them in yet. 

Q. I wanted to add, remove, or change a few items on my order. Is that possible?

A. No, we're sorry but once the order has been processed we can not add, change, or remove and items. 

Q. I have paid for shipping already why must I pay taxes for the items now?(International Shipping)

A. We do not charge you for the international taxes/duty fee's because it is not something we charge you. Customs checks your package when it comes in and then applies the taxes after they are finished. 

Q. If I wanted to return a few items what do I do?

A. See Return Policy

Q. How much does it cost to ship something to me?

A. On our website there is an estimated shipping cost calculator, we do not know how much it will cost because, we do not know how many items you will purchase, how heavy the package will be, and where you live. 

Q. Why is my order on hold?

A. Your order is most likely on hold because you have provided us with a shipping address that is completely different from your billing address. If you would like your order to be released from this hold you will need to fill out the form we have emailed to you.

Q. My tracking number says my package was delivered/My tracking number isn't coming up.

A. Sometimes tracking can be a little off, especially when during the holidays because of the dealing with high volumes of packages. Your package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but it's best to check with the USPS first. It's possible your package was brought to a neighbor, but we're certain that your package will reach you properly! 

Q. It shows that you have charged me twice for my order! What is going on?

A. If your credit card was declined when you first placed your order, you will still see a pending transaction show up on your account. Don't fret! We definitely will not capture those funds, and the pending transaction will drop off your card within a few business days. 

Q. I've sent back my returns and the tracking number said you have received it. When will it be processed?

A. You will receive an email notification from us here at when we process your refund. Please allow 10 business days for your package to arrive and our Returns Department to process the refunds and give you the credit. For more about our return policy, visit the Return and Exchange page.


  • By email : Click here to email customer service

  • By phone :239-333-7155 (Monday through Friday(Except holidays) 10:00 AM - 4:00PM EST)

  • By land mail : P.O. Box 1825 Jacksonville, Florida 32277

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